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Like most people interested in technology, I keep myself up-to-date by going over several tech news channels; websites, blogs, social media, and podcasts. For me, one podcast in particular stands above everything else, the Daily Tech News Show or DTNS to its followers.

DTNS is hosted and run my a veteran tech journalist, Tom Merritt. He’s been around reporting since as long as I can remember. When he started the podcast years ago, it was barebones, not too sure of its footing. Now it is polished, has co-hosts, and a bevy of guests that bring a lot of in-depth discussion on topics that happen around tech.

Now I know that there are a lot of other tech podcasts out there. A lot of them are also really excellent, but the reason I think everyone should listen to DTNS more than any other is that they are balanced and level headed. Where you hear sensationalism in other outlets, you can hear Tom giving a more reasoned report of the news. Tom does research on the backgrounds and circumstances of the news and as much as he can, will give you a no BS report. I think that has to be commended.

With all the news these days of your data being hacked, a company going bankrupt, or your computer hardware having vulnerabilities; it’s nice to hear a report from someone you know isn’t there just for clicks. You get a bigger picture than just a headline. You’ll know whether it’s time to panic or just carry on. It’s good to know Tom and his crew will give it to you straight.

Go give them a listen. You can find the Daily Tech News Show anywhere podcasts can be found.


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